Double Eyelid - Incisional

Incisional double eyelid surgery's purpose is to fix the droopy eyelids, and/or make long lasting, conspicuous double folds.

It is a procedure done through an incision, removing the unnecessary fat, muscle, and skin, depending on the condition of your eyelids.

With about an hour of duration, Incisional double eyelid surgery is done through local anesthesia. You can return to your residence after several treatments once the procedure is done, which will only take about an hour.

7 days after the procedure, you will be asked to revisit MINA PLASTIC SURGERY clinic, to remove the stitches and attend check-ups, as well as several treatments to help accelerate your recovery. All the while, we suggest you stop smoking for 2 weeks before, and also after the surgery, for a better result and a faster recovery.

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Incisional double eyelid surgery  MINA PLASTIC SURGERY offers this procedure for clients who want to have bold eyes with permanent double eyelids, but also to those who want to fix their ptosis – their droopy upper eyelids. Incisional best for clients with thick eyelids.

How it works

1. After several dedicated consultations with Dr. Cha, a double eyelid line is designed suited just for you.

2. An incision is made, just enough to remove the fat, the muscle, and the skin.

3. Dr. Cha meticulously stitches back linking the upper eyelid and the remaining muscle.

4. A permanent crease is formed, widening and highlighting your eyes.

Mina’s specialty 

Delicate touch to minimize the scars and heighten the effect

Clients who wish to have Incisional double eyelid surgery are mostly concerned about the possible circumstances of apparent scars, swelling, and the unnaturalness of the result. It is comprehensible, due to the comparatively wide range of incision the procedure requires.

However, known for his expertise in overall eye-related procedures, Dr. Cha of MINA PLASTIC SURGERY is able to make the smallest incision as possible, according to the carefully designed, customized double eyelid line.

This will enable the double eyelids to keep their natural looks, while adding a prominent definition to your eyes.


1. Make sure to ice around the operated area for at least 2-3 weeks after the operation.

2. Avoid smoking and drinking for at least 2-3 weeks after the operation.

3. Contact lens is recommended to be worn after at least 2 weeks.

4. Eye make up is suggested after at least 1 week.

5. We advise you to sleep on your back.

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