Ptosis Correction

Ptosis Correction's purpose is to fix the droopy eyelids.

Ptosis occurs due to the weakness in the muscle of the eyelids that is used for opening the eyes. People with this problem tend to use the muscle of their forehead, and their eyebrow area to support the weak eyelids. However, this causes deterioration of eyesight, astigmatism, and wrinkles on the forehead.

MINA PLASTIC SURGERY’s procedure of Ptosis correction takes about an hour, with local anesthesia.

Clients who have had their ptosis corrected can leave the clinic on the day, after receiving our offered ‘after treatments‘.

The clients are asked to come back to MINA PLASTIC SURGERY clinic in a week, to remove the stitches, get check-ups, and treatments to help the recovery.‍

Recommended to

Ptosis correction is for clients who have sleepy looking eyes, due to their weak eyelids. MINA PLASTIC SURGERY recommends you this procedure if your forehead tends to wrinkle when you open your eyes, or have asymmetrical eyes.

These are the signs that your eyelid muscle is not strong enough to function by itself, and therefore may lead to problems of your eyesight.

As this is a ‘correction’ procedure, it can also fix the failure of your former double eyelid surgery. If you have gotten a double eyelid surgery before but aren’t satisfied with its faint result, Ptosis correction surgery may work for you also.

Mina Plastic Surgery's Specialty

Non-Incisional or Incisional

Through multiple steps of consultation and examination, Dr. Cha figures out the specific reasons that cause the client’s ptosis. After the analysis, either Non-incisional procedure  or Incisional procedure is offered depending on the client’s condition.


How it works

  • Dr. Cha examines the overall symptoms of ptosis, its progress, how much the eyelid is covering the pupil.
  • Micr holes, instead of an incision is made on the eyelid.
  • Dr.Cha shortens the droopy eyelids by tying not cutting the muscle that is used to open the eyes.
  • Result in widened eyes and a clearer view.


How it works

  • Dr. Cha examines the overall symptoms of ptosis, then designs the line suitable for each clients' eyes.

    A slight incision by the line is made to remove the excessive tissue and fat.

    Dr. Cha pulls up the remaining muscle by tying the upper eyelid muscle and the tarsal plate.

    Corrected eyelids without the necessity of other muscle to support them.

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