Epi / Lateral Canthoplasty

Canthoplasty is a procedure for enlarging your eyes.

It is done to expose more of the white part of your eyes, in which as a result, you obtain fuller looking and more visible eyes while maintaining the natural look.

MINA PLASTIC SURGERY will examine the condition of your eyes, and offer the procedure suitable for you,  whether it’s epicanthoplasty or lateral canthoplasty ( lateral canthoplasty surgery details according to ncbi ).

Both epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty take 30 minutes, under local anesthesia. You will be hospitalized for about 1 hour after the procedure, for waking up and taking several treatments prepared by the clinic.

It will be necessary for you to come back to MINA PLASTIC SURGERY after five days, to remove the stitches, attend check-ups, and receive treatments. No smoking for 2 weeks before, and also after the operation is recommended for a better result and a faster recovery.

How it works

Lateral Canthoplasty Surgery Procedure

1.In the designing process, Dr. Cha takes into consideration, the shape of clients’ eyes, the balance.

2.An incision is made horizontally, the excessive tissue peeled, and fixated on the periosteum.

3.Dr. Cha makes sure to prevent the adhesion by removing the mucous membrane, and sutures up embedded for the scars to not show.

4.Short, slanted eyes elongated and widened.


Epicanthoplasty repositions the ‘Mongolian fold’.

‍The ‘Mongolian fold’ refers to a piece of skin on the inner corner of the eyes.Having this fold makes the eyes look far apart from each other, making them look shorter, smaller, and narrower.

MINA PLASTIC SURGERY, by repositioning the Mongolian fold, achieves the clients’ eyes to be elongated, and obtain a softer, gentler look.

Epicanthoplasty Recommended To

‍Epicanthoplasty is recommended to those who want to remove their fold. As the fold makes the eyes look far from each other, and make the eyes look squinty and short, clients with this problem will be satisfied with the result of epicanthoplasty.

This procedure also works well for clients who want to elongate and broaden their eyes.mongolianmongolian

How it works

1- In the designing process, Dr. Cha takes into consideration the shape of clients' eyes, the proportion, and the balance.

2- A small incision on the conjunctiva of the inner corner of the eye is made, close to the glandular conjunctiva.

3-After getting rid of the excessive skin forming the Mongolian fold, Dr. Cha stitches up embedded, making sure the scars don't show.

4-Narrow and short eyes perfectly fixed.

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