Dual Canthoplasty

Dual canthoplasty is epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty combined into one procedure.

This operation removes the Mongolian fold of the inner corner, and excessive skin on the outer corner of the eyes, making the eyes bigger and longer as a result. Dual Canthoplasty procedure at MINA PLASTIC SURGERY needs about 30 minutes to complete, under local anesthesia.

After the operation is finished, it is necessary for the clients to stay in the clinic for about 1 hour, to wake up, and get treatments. Once the client leaves, she/he will be required to come back to MINA PLASTIC SURGERY after 7 days for additional check-ups, treatments, and stitch removal. Smoking is to be avoided for at least 2 weeks before, and after the surgery for it may affect the result, and the pace of the clients’ recovery.

Recommended To

 As Dual Canthoplasty is Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canthoplasty combined, this procedure is for clients who want to maximize the result of the two surgeries. If your eyes are short, narrow, slanted, and want to soften the pointy glare, you will be satisified with the effect of Dual Canthoplasty. Also, if you have had a Lateral Canthoplasty before, but are not happy with the result – due to its insignificance or the adhesion of the incised skin- MINA PLASTIC SURGERY can fix it for you.

Mina`s Speciality

Dr. Cha is known for his skills in eye surgeries.

Although Dual Canthoplasty is two surgeries combined, it is not to simplify the process or reduce the attention Dr. Cha puts in. It is to maximize the result and let the clients leave the clinic fully satisfied.

Once the client steps into MINA PLASTIC SURGERY, she/he will be consulted attentively several times, for Dr. Cha to understand the clients’ needs. It is Dr. Cha’s priority to take into consideration the shape of each clients’ eyes, the proportion, and the balance during the designing process.

Performing the operation, Dr. Cha puts extra care into hiding the scars, with his meticulous techniques.

Dr. Cha and the staff of MINA PLASTIC SURGERY will make sure not one client leaves the clinic unsatisfied, or over-treated.

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