Chin Augmentation – Tie / Osteotomy

Do you want to bring your chin out? An excessively short chin and not protruding enough may play a huge part in one’s timidity. It may break the balance of the face or make the person appear too young.

Here at Mina Plastic Surgery, we offer three different types of procedures: chin implant, chin tie, and chin osteotomy. But for now, let us focus on chin augmentation using a chin tie or osteotomy.

What is Chin Augmentation – Tie / Osteotomy?

Chin augmentation is known as genioplasty, a cosmetic surgery that enhances the size, shape, or projection of the chin. It is for people who are unhappy with the appearance of their chin due to genetics or aging.

Chin osteotomy, as the name explains, is a procedure that osteomizes the front chin bone, brings it out a bit, and fixes it to form a prominent front chin with the patient’s bone. It can improve facial symmetry and balance, correct a weak or recessed chin, or reduce the appearance of a double chin.

Why do People Choose to have Chin Augmentation – Tie / Osteotomy?

People choose to have chin augmentation for various reasons, including:

  • Correction of facial asymmetry. A weak or recessed chin can cause facial imbalance and asymmetry. Chin augmentation can correct these issues and enhance facial harmony.
  • Improve facial contour. A well-defined chin can give the face a more youthful and attractive appearance.
  • Correct double chin. Chin augmentation can also improve the appearance of a double chin, which is caused by excess fat or skin under the chin.
  • Enhance self-confidence. People who are self-conscious about the appearance of their chin may feel more confident and satisfied with their appearance after chin augmentation.
  • Who is a Good Candidate for Chin Augmentation – Tie / Osteotomy?Medical concerns. In some cases, chin augmentation may be recommended for medical reasons, such as correcting a jaw deformity or improving breathing problems caused by a recessed chin.

Who is a Good Candidate for Chin Augmentation – Tie / Osteotomy?

A good candidate for chin augmentation using tie or osteotomy is someone who has a:

  • Weak or receding chin. This bone reshaping surgery helps balance your facial profile and create a more defined jawline.
  • Asymmetrical face. A chin augmentation can improve your facial asymmetry if your lower jaw is smaller than the upper jaw.
  • Double chin or round face. Chin augmentation can improve the appearance of a double chin caused by excess fat or skin under the chin.

Besides having not satisfied with your short chin and wants to have a more defined and prominent chin, you also have to be:

  • Over 18 years old. Chin augmentation is typically not recommended for teenagers still undergoing facial development.
  • Good candidates for chin augmentation should have a healthy medical history and no underlying medical conditions that could increase the risk of complications.
  • A non-smoker. Smoking can increase the risk of complications during surgery and negatively affect the healing process.
  • Lastly, you need to have realistic expectations about the outcome of the chin augmentation. The procedure may improve your chin appearance but cannot completely transform your face.

Chin Augmentation – Tie / Osteotomy Recovery and Aftercare

Chin tie or chin osteotomy takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. Here are the things you can expect during and after the procedure.

Before the chin augmentation, you will have a consultation with the cosmetic surgeon at Mina Plastic Surgery to discuss your goals and expectations for the procedure. The surgeon will examine your chin and facial structure to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

The operation is usually performed under local or general anesthesia to ensure the patient’s comfort and safety. At the same time, the surgeon makes incisions inside the mouth or under the chin to access the chin bone. The surgeon will cut and reposition the chin bone using specialized tools to achieve the desired shape and projection. The incisions are then closed with sutures, and a bandage or compression garment is placed over the chin to help reduce swelling and promote healing.

You have to stay in the clinic for several hours to recover shortly, while the team monitors you until you are fully awake and stable to go home. Swelling, bruising, and discomfort may be felt after the procedure. The surgeon will give pain medication and advise you to do a cold compress, a soft food diet, and avoid strenuous activities.

The surgeon will ask you to revisit the clinic after 7 days for the stitch removal, follow-up checkup, and treatment to help you recover. You must schedule your calendar if you plan to have chin augmentation in South Korea.

Why Choose Mina Plastic Surgery for Chin Augmentation – Tie / Osteotomy?

Dr. Cha meticulously plans the procedure to ensure it best suits your needs and concerns. Dr. Cha closely examines and analyzes the suitable angle for your chin. After the examination and analysis, Dr. Cha makes an incision inside the mouth, under the lower gum.

Dr. Cha carefully osteomizes the front chin bone to avoid the nerve point. The osteomized bone is brought out horizontally to the calculated extent. Dr. Cha finishes the procedure by trimming the brought-out bone to make it look natural.


The bone structure and the outline are the ‘hidden cards’ of a beautiful face. They are less noticeable but play a huge part in making the face more beautiful. With the right angle, proportion, and symmetry, the bone structure and the outline of the face will provide a gorgeous canvas for other facial features to set in.

‍The ‘ideal’ proportion of the frontal face would be the ratio of 0.8:1:1:1:0.8. 0.8 indicating the space starting from the outer corners of your eyes, to where the face ends, 1 being each eye, and the nose. The desired vertical ratio tends to be 1:1:0.8~1, first starting from the hairline and ending right beneath the eyebrows, second from the eyebrows to the tip of the nose, and 0.8~1 being from the tip of the nose to the chin.

‍Dr. Cha of MINA PLASTIC SURGERY considers the proportion and balance of the face as his priority throughout the entire process – from the initial design to the actual operation. With his expertise built over numerous years of experience, Dr. Cha of MINA PLASTIC SURGERY will make sure he meets your needs, and leaves you satisfied with the result.

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