The nose, taking up ⅓ of your face, and sitting in the middle of the face, tends to determine the overall appearance of a person, with its shape and how it is balanced. 

The ideal measurement of a nose depends on many factors but is often the angle between your nose bridge and the tip of 45°. The angle between the forehead and the nose bridge is ideal at 135°-140° for women, and 135° for men.

The better angle between the nose and the upper lip for women would be  90°-105°, and 90° for men. It is also considered a ‘well-placed nose’ if it stretches out straight on the nose bridge without it being bumpy, and its width being slightly narrower than the mouth.

However, everyone is different so the ideal nose for you is the ideal nose for you and not for someone else.

Dr. Cha of MINA PLASTIC SURGERY considers the proportion and balance of the face as his priority throughout the entire process – from the initial design to the actual operation.

As the nose plays an important role in the face aesthetically as well as technically, it is necessary to have an expert perform a rhinoplasty.

Revision rhinoplasty is much more complicated and much more expensive. You should have it done right, once.

With his experience and expertise, Dr. Cha of MINA PLASTIC SURGERY will make sure he meets your needs, and leave you satisfied with the result.

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