Tip Plasty

What is Tip Plasty?

Tip Plasty is a procedure that corrects the nose tip. 

A round or a long nose tip may make the face appear flat or long, even dull. It can also make the nose look wider, resulting in an unbalanced look.

Tip Plasty, while giving the nose tip a sharper point, also reduces the width of the nose. Since there are various types of Tip Plasty, each client will be examined carefully by Dr. Cha and will be designated with the necessary operation depending on the condition of the clients’ nose. The outcome will bring definition to the face, and a more sophisticated look.

Tip Plasty operation at MINA PLASTIC SURGERY will take about an hour. Clients will be asked to stay in the clinic for another hour, to wake up fully from the local anesthesia, get checked up, and receive treatments provided by MINA PLASTIC SURGERY.

It will be necessary for the clients to return to MINA PLASTIC SURGERY after 7 days for additional check -ups, treatments, and stitch removal. It is strongly recommended for clients to avoid smoking for at least two weeks before, and also after the surgery. This will pace up your recovery and help you get the best result.

Types for Tip Plasty

Cartilage surgery

Cartilage surgery involves the cartilage being replaced, reshaped, or implanted depending on the client's nose. For the cases of implants, the most natural and satisfying result could be achieved not through an artificial prosthesis being implanted, but with autoplasty.

MINA PLASTIC SURGERY uses either the septum cartilage of the nose, or the ear cartilage depending on the procedure.

Alar reduction

A nose with wide alar may make the nose look flatter despite the high nose bridge. It also may make the nostrils look wider or longer, affecting the whole shape of the nose. Alar reduction at MINA PLASTIC SURGERY doesn't include any operation involving cartilage or the bone.

Since the procedure is done to reduce the width of the body of the nose, the surgery will be performed only on the skin-muscle level of the nose.

Tip Plasty Recommended To

Tip Plasty is recommended to clients who have a high nose bridge, with the nose tip being comparatively low.

It is also effective for nose tips that too long or too short. Since Tip Plasty sharpens the nose tip, clients who are not happy with their nose tips being blunt- therefore giving a dull impression- this procedure will work just right.

Fixing the nose tip will also give the effect of an arranged overall nose line.

How it works

Cartilage Surgery

Cartilage Tie

  • Cartilage Tie Tip Plasty is a procedure that ties the widespread alar cartilage. By doing that, it makes the nose tip protrude, making it sharper.
  • Cartilage Tie is recommended to clients who already have a shaped nose tip, but want to bring it out more.
  • Dr. Cha will examine the size of the cartilage, as well as the range of how much it’s spread out. Depending on the condition of the nose, Dr. Cha will decide if a small trimming or removal of the cartilage will be necessary.

Cartilage Implant

  • Cartilage Implant Tip Plasty is an operation that makes an implant on the nose tip.
  • This procedure is recommended to those who want a more dramatic effect. Also, if you feel your nose is too flat, Cartilage Implant will work better.
  • Cartilage implant may or may not include the tying process, depending on the condition of your nose.
  • If the flat/thick nose is due to the amount of fat on the nose tip, Dr. Cha will remove the fat, then make an implant.

Cartilage Reposition

  • Cartilage Reposition Tip Plasty is a procedure of taking the septum cartilage, and repositioning it on the suited place.
  • MINA PLASTIC SURGERY recommends this surgery to those who have a short, upturned nose innately, or due to a rhinoplasty failure. This may also work for clients who have their nasal septum cartilage or nose bridge sunken, caused by a former accident
  • Since this procedure is complex with every sources – skin, cartilage, nasal septum – taken into account, we advise you consult with Dr. Cha sufficiently, before deciding to proceed with the surgery.
  • Cartilage Reposition may need an additional implant procedure depending on the result of the consultations.

How it works

Alar Reduction


  • The Removal procedure involves removing the extra skin of the alar. Dr. Cha makes incisions and removes the part where the scar could be least visible – the lower part of the nostril. Then Dr. Cha sutures back, leaving sufficient space for nostrils to have no problem breathing.
  • This procedure is for those who have excessive skin of the alar, or who feel their nostrils are too wide. The Removal procedure works even for thick alar skin also. With this surgery being permanent, MINA PLASTIC SURGERY recommends it to those who want a more dramatic, visible result.


- The Tie procedure reduces the width of the nose by tying the skin between the nostrils and bringing in the skin of the alar. A small incision is made on the inside of each nostril.

Then Dr. Cha links each alar with a string, bringing the linked parts together to make a knot. This won't affect the original size of the nostrils, therefore not causing any inconvenience to breathe.

- Compared to the Removal procedure, the Tie procedure requires less recovery time. Also with this operation being performed inside the nose, the scar will not be visible. The Tie procedure is recommended to clients who want a natural, but still definite result.


1. Bruise and swelling may go on 2~3 weeks after the surgery.

2. Blowing nose or coughing phlegm out may cause bleeding of the operated area.

3. Smoking and drinking are recommended to be put off until at least 4 weeks after the surgery.

4. We advise you not to touch the scar, or tear off the scab.

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