Tip + Bridge Correction

What is Tip + Bridge Correction?

Tip+Bridge Correction is Tip Plasty and Bridge Correction combined. 

The nose tends to determine the overall appearance of a person, as it sits in the middle of the face. It could make the lips and cheekbones appear protruded, or give a person a flat profile. With the right nose, the person could look more sophisticated, sharper, and more balanced.

Tip+Bridge Correction at MINA PLASTIC SURGERY focuses on giving each client a perfect nose suited just for them, considering the proportion, the balance, and their overall looks.

Tip+Bridge Correction will take from 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on the amount of procedures. The clients will be operated under local anesthesia, and will need to stay in the clinic for another hour to wake up fully, as well as get after surgery treatments provided by MINA PLASTIC SURGERY.

The clients are required to come back to MINA PLASTIC SURGERY after 7 days, to remove the stitches, and get additional check-ups as well as treatments to help recover faster. Smoking is advised to be avoided for two weeks before, and after each surgery for it may affect the pace of the recovery and the result.

Recommended to

As Tip+Bridge Correction is a procedure that includes correction of both the tip and the bridge of the nose, this procedure is recommended to those who wish to change the look of their nose overall.

Having a wide or flat nose bridge can make the eyes look further apart from each other, giving a rather dull appearance. Wide or flat nose bridge may lead to a blunt nose tip, which does not help relieve the dull looks.

Tip+Bridge Correction is a procedure to solve both problems, as well as heightening a low nose tip, forming a definite, button nose.

How it works

Dr. Cha takes into consideration the line starting from the forehead leading to the chin and designs the ideal outcome.

An incision is made to separate the periosteum from the nose bridge bone and make room for the implant.

Dr. Cha inserts the prosthesis carved according to the client's nose shape, between the bone and the periosteum.

 For the nose tip, Dr. Cha performs an autoplasty - he will extract the cartilage and make an implant on the nose tip.

Result in an improved nose line.


1. Bruise and swelling may go on 2~3 weeks after the surgery.

2. Blowing nose or coughing phlegm out may cause bleeding of the operated area.

3. Smoking and drinking are recommended to be put off until at least 4 weeks after the surgery.

4. We advise you not to touch the scar, or tear off the scab.

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